Winning on Two Separate Policies

Winning on two separate policies

Claimant: 50-year-old female
Condition: Breast cancer
Insurance Claim: Income Protection Insurance

Ms D had been paying premiums on two separate Income Protection insurance policies without realising it. On the advice from a financial planner, Ms D moved all of her insurance policies from one provider to another; however, the initial income protection policy was mistakenly not cancelled.

At the time of claim, you can generally only get a payout on one policy, which means the premiums paid on the second policy had gone to waste. With our help, Ms D was able to claim on one IP policy successfully, and we were able to have the premiums for the other policy refunded to her. The premium refund was an unexpected bonus as Ms D never thought that would be possible — and without our help, it possibly wouldn’t have been!

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