TPD Insurance and Income Protection

Insured for two units of cover but successfully paid out for four

Claimant: 46-year-old female
Injury: Motor Neuron Disease
Insurance Claim: TPD Insurance & Income Protection

Ms C was bringing up three teenage daughters when she received the devastating diagnosis of MND. At the time, she held two units of Life/TPD & Income Protection cover within an industry super fund, but an administration error saw Ms C’s statement sent out miscommunicating four units of cover.

Because of this error on her statement, at the time of claim we argued the case that Ms C relied on four units of cover as detailed in her statement. The claim was successfully paid based on four units.

Ms C essentially got double the payout she was insured for as a result of our advocacy. This claim went a long way toward paying for the children’s school fees. The money was also put towards getting a state-of-the-art wheelchair to help her get around, as well as an SUV with wheelchair access and some home renovations to make the house more easily accessible.

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