Four-Year Long TPD Claim Resolved

Four-year long TPD claim resolved in months with our help

Claimant: Self-employed 50-year-old male.
Condition: Malignant Brain Tumour leading to seizures
Insurance Claim: TPD insurance

After a malignant brain tumour rendered Mr B unable to work, he initiated the claims process through his super fund for his TPD insurance. Due to a substantial disparity in communication and understanding, Mr B was unable to provide the documentation the insurance provider was seeking. This misunderstanding led to a gruelling back and forth that lasted four years without resolution.

Mr B engaged a lawyer to help with his claim, but this proved to be unhelpful — and almost even detrimental — for his insurance claim. The lawyer sent a letter to the insurer’s claims area, asking questions that someone from a technical background — like Claims Advocacy’s founder — wouldn’t have asked in the first place. The client was then introduced to us, and we were able to swiftly and efficiently recognise what was needed to finalise the claim. We bridged the gap between Mr B and the insurer, and the claim that had been drawn out for several years was successful within a few months of it being in our hands.

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